Descriptions and Pictures of Characters


Jonas is a very intelligent young man. He is athletic, kind, and curious. His friends are Asher and Fiona. He has been chosen to be the Receiver of Memory and defiantly feels special about being chosen, but does not think he is better than anyone else because in his community everyone is the same.

The Giver:

The Giver is a very old man who is pained by the death of his daughter, Rosemary, and all of the memories he holds. The Giver has the ability to see all of the colors in the world, whereas the rest of the community can only see black and white. He loves Jonas very much and does not want him to feel pain even though it is his job to give his memories to Jonas.


Asher is a little bit on the crazy side. He is friends with almost everyone in the community, with Jonas being his best friend. When Jonas is chosen to be the Receiver of Memory, Asher begins to become jealous of Jonas and his place in society. Asher is chosen to be the Assistant Game Director at the community school.


Fiona is very intelligent and Jonas’ other friend. At the Ceremony she is chosen to be a nurturer. She feels very happy for Jonas and his Assignment.


Gabriel is the newchild who is introduced into Jonas’ household. He has the ability to receive, so Jonas has been giving him some good memories to help him sleep.